Kyoto, Japan: Today, Nidec Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electric motors and peripheral equipment with operations in 43 countries, announced that its automotive division will exhibit at the International Motor Show (IAA) to be held in Frankfurt am Main, September 2017. Visitors to our booth will be greeted with a display of our latest ADAS, powertrain, chassis and vehicle body-related products and technologies.

Products to be showcased include our newly developed Electric Power Steering (EPS) power pack that integrates Nidec’s widely used EPS motor that augments steering effort, with a previously separately installed electronic control unit. Combining these components has resulted in the world’s most compact and lightweight EPS unit that is expected to have a large impact on freedom of design. 

Also on display is our Integrated Sensor Fusion device that combines camera and radar input to accurately sense other vehicles on the road, objects and road signs, enabling automatic emergency braking and laying the groundwork for autonomous driving.


Automatic emergency braking made possible with sensor fusion technology

Other components to be exhibited include electric water and oil pumps designed for use in hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in-hybrids and electrical vehicles. These pumps are playing an increasingly important role as the trend of vehicle electrification continues and their mechanical counterparts, that draw their power from internal combustion engines that are losing ground to more eco-friendly alternatives, are seeing less use.


In addition to the above products and technologies, Nidec is also proud to announce the successful development of a groundbreaking new traction motor system (e-axle). The system will not be displayed openly, but visitors are encouraged to ask questions and learn more about the possibilities offered by this new device.


Location and schedule
Venue: Exhibition grounds, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, D-60327 Frankfurt/Main
Booth location: Hall 4.0 A17
Exhibition period: Saturday, 16 September - Sunday, 24 September 2017 (public days) 

Members of the media are also welcome to visit our booth during the press days, September 12 and 13, to learn more about Nidec’s technologies and the market trends and values that drive our research and development.

Contact information
Exhibition Coordinator:
Kentaro Fujino
Tel:        +81-749-42-6058
Fax:       +81-749-42-7449

 Media contact:
Jacob Eveson
Tel:        +81-75-935-6150
Fax:       +81-75-935-6151


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