About Nidec Corporation

Global Strategy

Our global market orientation has remained unchanged since the company was founded.

In order to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of our customers all over the world, we promote thorough localization of a series of business activities starting from development, through production, to sales.

As the outcome of the above efforts, as of March 31, 2017, approximately100,000 diverse staff are working for Nidec Group in 40 countries around the world. Local staff are provided with the authority and responsibility for operations in each country.

Global Strategy

On the other hand, we are now expanding the focus of our M&A activities, which play an important part in our growth strategy, to global companies. Utilizing the synergy effect of this strategy as well as organic growth, Nidec aims to become the "world's No.1" in the full line of products from small precision motors to supersized motors.

Business Summary

An introduction to business handled by Nidec Group.

Information On Major Bases

This page contains information on major bases within Nidec Corporation including our headquarters, management bases, R&D bases, production bases, and sales bases.