Nidec Europe B.V.

This page shows the company profile and executive & management of Nidec Europe B.V., one of Nidec's major business bases in Europe.

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Nidec Europe B.V.

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Nidec Europe B.V. is a European integrated sales company comprising Nidec and Nidec Servo and Nidec Techno Motor, and the business is centered around the communications, home appliances, and industrial equipment markets. This base cooperates with group companies and agencies situated throughout Europe, working for increased market penetration of the Nidec brand and further increased sales.

European countries are very environmentally aware, and there is an increasing need for BLDC motors, particularly for home appliances and in industries. Additionally, the expansion of EMS and other manufacturing mainly in Eastern Europe, as well as increased manufacturing in Turkey and other emerging countries mean that the European market holds much promise for Nidec.

Name Nidec Europe B.V.
Date of establishment October 1990
Location P.J. Oudweg 4
1314 CH Almere, Netherlands
Business lineup Sales of small precision motors, communications, home appliances, and industrial motors
Representative Arikawa Yoshiyuki (President)
Affiliated companies and
major business bases