Nidec Sole Motor Corporation S.R.L.

This page shows the company profile and executive management team of Nidec Sole Motor Corporation S.R.L., one of Nidec's major business bases in Europe.

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Nidec Sole Motor Corporation S.R.L.

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Nidec Sole Motor is a leading European manufacturer that designs and manufactures home appliance motors and drive systems. 
The company strives to improve motors efficiency and reduce water use and noise. They are constantly producing new products with their most advanced and innovative solutions meeting the needs of home appliance manufacturers. 
The company places emphasis on use of environment-friendly materials and development of products that contribute to environmental conservation.

Name Nidec Sole Motor Corporation S.R.L.
Date of establishment 1963
Via Consorziale, 13-Località Comina, 33170 Pordenone, Italy
Business lineup
Manufacturing and selling motors for home appliances
(washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers)
Valter Taranzano (President & CEO)
Affiliated companies and
major business bases

Executive & Management

Valter Taranzano
President & CEO

Alberto Gentile
VP Operations

Nicola Trivillin
Group Marketing & Sales Director

Claudio Furlan
Group R&D Director

Sergio Bonacina
VP Asia Pacific Business

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