About Nidec Corporation

Board Members

Executive Vice President and CFO

Akira Sato
Adviser to President (Corporate Strategy Office, Group Companies Management Department)
In charge of Investor Relations & CSR Promotion Department, Accounting Department, Global Tax Planning Department, Finance Department
Chairman of Nidec Europe B.V.
Chairman of Nidec Management Shanghai Corporation
Chairman of Nidec Americas Holding Corporation
President of GREEN SUN Insurance, Inc.
Director of Nidec Copal Corporation
Director of Nidec Motor Holdings Corporation
Auditor of Nidec Techno Motor Corporation
Chairman of CSR Committee
取締役専務執行役員 佐藤 明の写真です。
1977 April Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
2002 April Executive Officer of Nissan
2012 January Joined Nidec Corporation as Senior Managing Executive Officer.
June Board Member and First Senior Vice President
2013 April Board Member and Executive Vice President
2016 May Board Member, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (current position)
As of May 1, 2019