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Osamu Shimizu
取締役(社外)若林 勝三の写真です。
1976 April The Ministry of Finance of Japan
1984 June Executive Director, African Development Bank
1996 November Personal Secretary to the Minister of Finance of Japan
1998 January Director for Inter-Division Affairs, Budget Bureau
1999 July Director, Income Tax and Corporation Tax Policy Division, Tax Bureau
2001 July Director, Planning and Administration Division, Tax Bureau
2003 July Director-General, Fukuoka Regional Taxation Bureau, National Tax Agency
2004 July Deputy Director-General of the Minister’s Secretariat (Local Administrative and Financial Reform), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan
2006 July Deputy Director-General (International Bureau, Tax Bureau and Minister’s Secretariat), the Ministry of Finance of Japan
2007 January Director-General, Okinawa Development and Promotion Bureau, the Cabinet Office
2010 July Director-General (Okinawa Affair), the Cabinet Office
2012 January Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, the Cabinet Office
2014 April Professor, Graduate School of Public Management, Waseda University (current position)
2018 June Joined Nidec Corporation as Member of the Board of Directors (External) (current position)
As of July 1, 2019