About Nidec Corporation


With a passion to "become the world's No.1 company," Nidec started business in a small prefabricated shed with only four employees. See the company's history between then and now.

1982 June stablished the Mineyama Plant in Mineyama-cho, Naka-gun, Kyoto.
Started full-scale production of axial-flow type brushless DC fans.
1983 November
Head Office
Head Office
Relocated its Head Office to Karasuma Oike, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto.
1984 February
Nagano Nidec Corp.
Nidec Torin Corporation
Acquired the axial-flow fan business from American company Trin Corporation, and established the locally-incorporated company Nidec Torin Corporation in America.
February Started production of spindle motors for 3.5-inch hard disk device.
October Established the Shiga Plant (currently Shiga Technical Center) in Echigawa-cho (now Aishou-cho), Echi-gu, Shiga.
November Opened the Singapore Representative Office.
1988 November
Attestation ceremony for listing on the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Attestation ceremony for listing on the Osaka Stock Exchange.
The company listed its stock on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange, and the Kyoto Stock Exchange.
1989 January Took a stake in DC Pack Co., Ltd., and re-named it Ibaragi Nidec Corp. and moved into the power-supply unit sector.
March Established Nidec Singapore Pte. Ltd., a locally-incorporated company.
March Took a stake in Shinano Tokki Co., Ltd..