“ESG” stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance”. Companies are expected to properly consider and address ESG issues, while investors are expected to evaluate companies’ related actions and make investment decisions, to help solve and improve global environmental and social issues and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society. This page explains “S” (Social).”

Customer Relations

In order to accommodate various requests and wishes of our customers, Nidec has established QCDSSS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Speed, Service, and Specialization) as the basis of our business activities, and all R&D, production, and sales departments work as one to further improve customer satisfaction and build a relationship of trust.

Supply Chain Relations

Through collaboration with our suppliers, we promote CSR-based activities not only within Nidec, but also the entire supply chain.

Community Relations

Nidec pays respect to the local culture and customs of the country or area we work in. We state in our CSR Charter that we "harmonize with communities" and engage in various corporate activities accordingly.

Association with Employees

Nidec is working hard to create ideal working conditions with due respect paid to diversity and based on our three principles of behavior of "Enthusiasm, Eagerness, and Tenacity," "Intellectual Hard Work," and "Do it now; Do it without fail; and Do it until completed."

Shareholder Relations

Nidec intends to respond to our shareholders' expectations with maximum shareholder value by achieving high growth, high revenue, and a high stock price over the long term.

Human rights

Advocating international guidelines, Nidec addresses constantly diversifying human rights issues.