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Nidec Copal Corporation


Nidec Copal is the market leader in the camera shutter market, and operates extensively in various fields including those involving small precision motors, precision-machined parts, industrial system equipment, and image printers.
The company is characterized by the business it runs as "a comprehensive manufacturer of optomechatronics products" that combines advanced technologies comprising optics, electronics, and precision engineering. We respond to customer requirements in various countries with advanced technology, refined products, and production carried out in optimum locations.

Corporate name Nidec Copal Corporation
Location 2-18-10 Shimura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-8550
Description of business The company develops, manufactures, and markets optical equipment, electronic equipment, precision parts and their dyes, image equipment, and FA and industrial equipment.
Public site

Major Product Lines

High power motor
Mobile OIS
Haptic motor
Laser markers
Cutting product (Protection Cover for smartphone)
Shutters for digital cameras
Shutters integrated with image stabilizers

Major Bases

Head Office and Tokyo Technical Center
Koriyama Factory
Shiojiri Facility
Ichinoseki Plant
Niigata Factory
Copal Yamada Corporation
Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nidec Copal (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
Nidec Copal (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
Nidec Copal Precision (Vietnam) Corporation