Nidec Group

Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation

A wide variety of Nidec Copal Electronics' products has been favorably received over the years. We will further enhance development and marketing structures to create "products with added value" in order to create a more comfortable and convenient society.

Corporate name Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation
Location 7-5-25 Nishishinjuku, Kimuraya Bldg., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Description of business R&D, manufacturing, and sales of electronic circuit components, pressure sensors, actuators, potentiometers, and rotary encoders.
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Major Product Lines

Trimmer potentiometers
Pressure Sensors
Pressure Swiches
Polygon laser scanners
Joystick Encoders

Major Overseas Production and Development Bases

Head Office
Iruma Facility
Sano Facility
Nidec Copal Electronics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.