The New Copal CLM-50, Laser Marker for ID Card

Nidec Copal Corporation (hereinafter we) is proud to announce the release of a new product of the laser marker for ID card model CLM-50.

We had entered into the card printer market based on the image processing technology, thermal control technology and various media transportation technology cultivated for many years. In expectation of the expansion of the issuance demand of national ID card, driver’s license, health insurance card etc. and the increasing needs for the anti-tampering of ID card, we released in 2010 the desktop type laser marker model CLM-20 equipped with the newly developed laser engine and having the smallest and lightest body in its class. At the moment, we are the only manufacturer in Japan that produces laser marker for ID card.
Thanks to the high-power laser engine, the newly developed CLM-50 realizes the high-speed laser marking enabling the large-volume issuance in reduced space and time. 


(Characteristics of New Product CLM-50)
Next generation laser marker for ID card equipped with 10 W fiber laser

High Speed:

World’s fastest desktop laser marker (according to our own research) Approx.
triple compared to our existing model, suitable for both centralized and de-centralized issuance

Low power consumption of 250 VA Space-saving by all-in-one design including hopper (Automatic card inserter)
Dimensions: W 572 x D 540 x H 560 (mm)

Easy Operation:
Universal design and front-access maintenance
High-Quality Marking:
Gray-scale drawing and high-resolution
USB 2.0, Ethernet
Open price

We will demonstrate the new model CLM-50 and existing model CLM-20 in the “CARTES 2013”exhibition held in the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park in the suburb of Paris, France from November 19th to 21st, 2013. The “CARTES”, the largest-level exhibition in the ID-card related industry held by COMEXPOSIUM, had 435 exhibitors from 45 countries or areas and over 19,000 visitors last year, with an increased interest in security measures.
We will take this opportunity to work for responding to globally expanding needs of ID card issuance with our high-security product that enables high-speed, high-quality and low cost output.

<CLM-50 main unit and output sample>



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