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Released on May 11, 2016, in Kyoto, Japan

Nidec Copal Develops World's Thinnest Compact, Lightweight Camera Module

Nidec Corporation today announces that one of its subsidiaries, Nidec Copal Corporation, has succeeded in developing the world's thinnest compact, lightweight camera module for mobile phones. Please see the attached press release from Nidec Copal Corporation for further details.


 Nidec Copal Corporation
 For inquiries, please contact: Hiroyuki Hori
 (R&D 6th Dept. Tokyo Technical Center)
 Tel: +81-3-3965-1135

Released on May 11, 2016, in Tokyo, Japan

Nidec Copal Develops World's Thinnest Compact, Lightweight 16-Megapixel Camera Module for Mobile Phones

Nidec Copal Corporation (the "Company") hereby announces that it has succeeded in developing a 4.2  mm thin—a new world record—compact, lightweight camera module for mobile phones. The new camera module has a 50% reduced volume compared to the Company's previous products. This new module, designed to meet the market need for thinner products, is a result of our technological capabilities nurtured through many years of development and manufacturing in the camera shutter and optical product fields.

The camera module features a 16-megapixel sensor—the main pixel count in the recent trend toward higher resolutions—autofocus and a bright F1.9 aperture lens. Furthermore, by adopting a high-resolution optical design adapted for the integrated compact 1.0μm pixel size 1/3.1" sensor, the Company has reduced the volume of the module by 50% compared to previous products, resulting in a product that combines optical performance with a thin design. Mass production is planned to start in the fall of 2016. Moving forward, the Company will continue to respond to the needs of the market by expanding their lineup of thin and compact products for mobile phones.


 ・Sensor   :1/3.1”  1.0μm  16-megapixel  CMOS
 ・Focal length  :f3.6mm
 ・Maximum aperture  :F1.9
 ・Focus distance range         :10cm~INF
 ・Unit size  :8.5mm (H) × 8.5mm (W) × 4.2mm (D)
 ・Weight  :0.57g

Product image

 For inquiries, please contact: Isami Yamaguchi
 (GM, Corporate Planning Department)
 Tel: +81-75-958-3606

Released on December 01, 2015, in Nagaokakyo-shi, Japan

Nidec-Shimpo Develops “Smart AGV” Series Automatic Guided Vehicles

Nidec-Shimpo Corporation (the “Company”) today announced that it has developed “Smart AGV” series automatic guided vehicles.

The Company has been offering its AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) drive units, equipped with one of its major products, the planetary “ABLE” speed reducer, since 2007. The products are also on sale as the reputed “AGV package,” which, with a controller, a dedicated magnetic sensor, and other devices, can be converted into a system easily.

The “Smart AGV” series, which was developed as next-generation automatic guided vehicles equipped with the Nidec Group’s advanced technologies such as the “ultra-low floor,” “guideless maneuvering,” and “wireless operation,” are planned to be launched in spring 2016.

The Company will continue the sales of its existing AGV drive units and AGV package.

Overview of the Smart AGV series automatic guided vehicles:
Maximum loading weight: 100kg
Loading area: Size A2 (420 x 594mm)
Maximum speed: 60m/min.
Longest continuous operation time: 8 hours (1 hour for battery recharging) (with the use of a lithium-ion battery and a plug-in battery recharging system)*
Dimensions: 630mm (w) x 790mm (l) x 200mm (h)
Weight: 65kg
Specifications: 200W servo motor + 1/15 built-in planetary reducer (one unit for each side)
                          φ120mm urethane rubber tires
                          Equipped with a uniquely developed suspension mechanism
                          Equipped with a laser range sensor
Stopping accuracy: ±30mm
                          *Results may vary depending on peripheral environments.
Control method: Tablet-based wireless operations using a monitor (to see operating status and problems)
Safety equipment: Infrared sensor (detection distance: 1m) and bumper sensor
* The sensors are planned to be made available for automatic and non-contact battery recharging vehicles.

Features of the Smart AGV series automatic guided vehicles:
(i) Low-floor structure that expands the vehicles’ applications (200mm above the floor)
(ii) Stable movement on any floor surface based on a uniquely developed suspension
(iii) Equipped with a high-capacity lithium ion battery that enables continuous long-hour
operation (up to 8 hours)
(iv) Laser sensor-based guideless movement
(v) Easily maintainable vehicle structure

The above Smart SGV vehicles will be exhibited at the upcoming CES 2016, which will be held from January 06 to 09, 2016 in Las Vegas in the US, and a demonstration will be held to show their running performance.

Moving forward, the Company will further improve its product lineup by including large-scale models and other products.