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Released on November 7, 2016, in Kyoto, Japan

NIDEC TOSOK to Launch a New 3D Scanner

Nidec Corporation today announces that one of its subsidiaries, NIDEC TOSOK CORPORATION, will launch a new 3D scanner product. Please see the attached press release from NIDEC TOSOK CORPORATION for further details.

Company name
 Yoshimoto Hiroyuki (CEO)
Press contact
 2nd Sales Dept  Measuring Eqpt Grp



Notification: New 3D scanner to be launched

A new 3D scanner developed by NIDEC TOSOK (hereinafter referred to as the "company") will go on sale on November 17th.
In view of the growing measurement market demand from our customers, the company launches a new projector 3D scanner. Compared with our previous laser-cross-section 3D scanners, this new type has a unique structure and software and comes with the three major advantages that contribute to simpler operation and allow for measurement of larger areas.


Wide range of scanning possible with a single machine
  By adopting lenses with different focal lengths, the new scanner can cover ranges from
  130 x 100 x 50mm to 503 x 387 x 150mm. Matching the size of the object under inspection,
  the new scanner features automatic switching between three ranges with independent lenses
  for each mode, eliminating the need to change lenses and purchase additional components etc.

Convenient data synthesis
  The use of unique algorithms and software for positioning/alignment eliminates the hassle of
  pasting reference markers.

Easy and fast automatic calibration
  A rotary table and newly developed software make easy and fast automatic calibration possible.
  The addition of a rotary table as a standard configuration allows for 360º automatic
  omnidirectional scanning.

Major applications
1. Picking out defects (dents, scratches, etc.) by comparing color maps between CAD models and
    scan data.
2. Detecting and measuring abrasion and wear-out of work during use.
3. Generating CAD models by reverse engineering.
4. Carrying out die modification on the basis of color map deviations.

This scanner will be exhibited and demonstrated at The 28th JAPAN INTERNATIONAL MACHINE TOOL FAIR JIMTOF2016 (TOKYO BIG SIGHT) on November 17th 2016.

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