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Nidec Sankyo Corporation


Nidec Sankyo offers so-called "karakuritronics" products that are the fusion of mechanism technology originating from manufacturing of music boxes that begun when the company was founded, actuator technology that has been developed through a wide range of business activities in which motors are placed as the core, and servo system control technology that has been applied to high-precision industrial robots and won customers' trust. Product reliability is endorsed by our No. 1 share of the market for various products. We will continue to offer products that create new values.

Corporate name Nidec Sankyo Corporation
Location 5329 Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano 393-8511
Description of business R&D, manufacturing, and sales of motors, motor drive units, card readers, industrial robots, plastic molded parts, and music boxes
Public site

Major Product Lines

Stepping motors
Motor drives and units
Card readers
LCD panel handling robots
Semiconductor wafer handling robots
Double-molded products
Ultra wide angle lens units
Music boxes

Major Bases

Head Office, Shimosuwa Facility, Nagano Technical Center
Ina Facility
Chino Facility
Nidec Sankyo America Corporation
Nidec Sankyo Electronics (Dongguan) Corporation
Nidec Sanky Taiwan Corporation
Nidec Sankyo Electronics (Shaoguan) Co., Ltd.
Nidec Sankyo (Zhejiang) Corporation
Nidec Sankyo Vietnam Corporation