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Nidec's Strengths

High technical capabilities and manufacturing capacity have enabled Nidec to consecutively launch a number of unrivaled products onto the market. Nidec retains market leadership thanks to a number of products that have leading global market shares.

History of Nidec

Starting with development and production of small precision motors, Nidec has expanded its business in a stepwise manner to reach the world leading position.

CEO Message

Nidec is the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer that specializes in everything that "spins and moves." We will expand our business extensively with an exact vision.

Nidec's Growth Strategy

Nidec aims to achieve two trillion yen in sales, 15% or higher in operating profit ratio, and 18% or higher in return on equity (ROE) by FY2020 based on organic growth and M&A as set out in its new mid-term strategic target announced in April 2015.

Nidec, No.1

Nidec has produced many products that now have leading global market shares as typified by HDD motors, which have an 80% global market share, and DVD/Blue-ray drive motors, which have a 60% global market share.

Business Summary

This page contains sales and profits information per product group.

Financial Highlights

This page contains the past financial results of Nidec (US-GAAP, IFRS) including net sales, operating profit, EPS and dividends.

Latest IR Materials

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