Management Information

Risk Factors

Risks that can affect Nidec's operating results, stock price, and financial condition include the following.

For more information, please see pages 18 to 25 of Annual Securities Report for the Year Ended March 31, 2019, filed with the Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau on June 18, 2019: 
Annual Securities Report for the Year Ended March 31, 2019 (1,256 KB)

  1. (1)Risks related to economic downturns
  2. (2)Risks related to our expansion of business portfolio to new business areas
  3. (3)Ongoing significant risk related to hard disk drive market
  4. (4)Risks related to competition
  5. (5)Risks related to our research and development
  6. (6)Risks related to quality of our products
  7. (7)Risks related to procurement of raw materials or components
  8. (8)Risks related to our operations in overseas countries
  9. (9)Risks related to quarter-to-quarter comparisons of our operating results
  10. (10)Risks related to prior investments for anticipated customer demand
  11. (11)Risks related to M&A
  12. (12)Risks related to our growth increasing burdens on management and our resources
  13. (13)Risks related to our dependence on our Representative Director and Chairman, Mr. Shigenobu Nagamori
  14. (14)Risks related to recruiting and retaining highly skilled personnel
  15. (15)Risks related to compliance with various laws and regulations
  16. (16)Risks related to internal controls over financial reporting
  17. (17)Risks related to intellectual property
  18. (18)Risks related to leaks of confidential information
  19. (19)Risks related to our pension plans
  20. (20)Risks related to impairment of our goodwill and tangible assets
  21. (21)Risks related to recoverability of deferred tax assets
  22. (22)Risks related to fluctuations of foreign currency exchange rates
  23. (23)Risks related to fluctuations of interest rates
  24. (24)Risks related to our liquidity of funds
  25. (25)Risks related to contingencies
  26. (26)Risks related to sudden decline in our stock price
  27. (27)Risks for foreign investors