CEO Shigenobu Nagamori(Center) rings The Closing Bell.

On Tuesday, August 1 at 4:00 p.m. EDT, Nidec president and CEO Nagamori rang The Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange, celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Company's listing on the Exchange. Executives from Nidec and the NYSE joined Nagamori on the podium as he signaled the end of the day's trading.

At the subsequent reception party, CEO Nagamori recalled back when he first stood on the bell podium five years ago. "It was only two weeks before our listing on the Exchange that the dreadful 9/11 terrorist attack on N.Y. shook the world," said Nagamori. "Understandably, many opposed the idea of my flying to N.Y. under such circumstance, but I stuck to the original schedule and went on board a near-empty, U.S.-bound flight. The first time I stood on the NYSE bell podium, I had the honor of sharing the once-in-a-lifetime event with N.Y. 's police officers and fire fighters, the local heroes who risked their own lives to save citizens. I can still vividly recall the honorable moment when they rang the Opening Bell for me to celebrate Nidec's listing on the NYSE."

"Today I got on the podium again and rang the Closing Bell myself. I was really moved," he said. "Over the five years, we have seen our revenue tripled and operating income and market capital quintupled. The 2001 listing on the NYSE gave us a boost."