Nidec Corporation
New York Stock Exchange symbol: NJ
Stock exchange code (Tokyo, Osaka): 6594

Masahiro Nagayasu
Senior General Manager
Investor Relations

Released on February 6, 2012, in Kyoto, Japan


Nidec Announces Expiration of Own Share Repurchase Plan

(Repurchases of Own Shares Pursuant to Article 459, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Companies Act of Japan.)

Nidec Corporation (NYSE: NJ) (the ”Company”) today updated the status of the Company’s repurchase plan authorized by the Board of Directors on February 5, 2011, as modified by a resolution of the Board of Directors on October 7, 2011, as follows, and announced the expiration of the plan.

Details of Share Repurchase

1. Period of own share repurchase: From February 1, 2012 through February 6, 2012
2. Class of shares: Common stock
3. Number of own shares repurchased: 0 shares
4. Total repurchase amount: 0 yen
5. Method of repurchase: Repurchase on the Osaka Securities Exchange through a trust established for this purpose.


A) The following details were resolved by the Company’s Board of Directors on February 5, 2011 and October 7, 2011:

1. Class of shares: Common stock
2. Total number of shares to be repurchased: Up to 6,000,000 shares
(4.14% of total number of shares issued)
3. Total repurchase amount: Up to 47 billion yen
4. Period of repurchase: From February 7, 2011 through February 6, 2012

B) The accumulative number of own shares repurchased up to February 6, 2012, pursuant to the Board of Directors resolution above:

1. Accumulative number of own shares repurchased: 2,316,700 shares
2. Total repurchase amount: 14,982,398,000 yen