Products Lineup

Products Lineup

A massive lineup of brushless DC motors and small precision to ultra-large motors

Nidec develops and manufactures brushless DC motors, Nidec's core product, and other motors in a wide range of categories from 0.2 W to 45 MW (45,000,000 W) including brush DC motors, AC motors, SR motors, stepping motors, fans and blowers, etc. Nidec is known for its continuous quest to improve motor functions and add value such as high efficiency, long life, and low noise and vibration.

Nidec has on its own accord built technologies for all elements in the motor, from the structure of the motor itself to core raw materials, magnets, bearings, and control circuits, and has built on its achievements.

Furthermore, Nidec has consolidated its system to pursue a comprehensive, high level of analysis technology, production engineering, and test & evaluation systems. Nidec has thus created a system of manufacturing motors at the highest level.

Brushless DC motors Brushless DC Motors
Brush DC motors Brush DC Motors
AC motors AC Motors
SR Motors SR Motors
Stepping motors Stepping motors
Fans & blowers Fans & blowers
Others, specific motorsspecial motors
Nidec   Small wind power generators
Nidec Sankyo      
Nidec Copal         Vibration motors/
Multifunction hybrid motors
Nidec Tosok            
Nidec Copal Electronics       Polygon laser scanners
Nidec Techno Motor       Pump motors
Nidec Motor     Pump motors
Nidec Kinetek      
Nidec Avtron
Nidec ASI S.p.A.         Infrastructure motors and related equipment
Nidec Sole Motor        
Nidec Motors & Actuators
Nidec Kaiyu Auto
Electric (Jiangsu)
Nidec Servo    
Nidec Seimitsu       Vibration motors