Integrating a wide range of technologies such as optics, mechanics, electronics, software, and control engineering, Nidec Group develops and manufactures inspection & measuring systems, robots, conveyor equipment, control equipment, and a range of other types of machinery. As is the case with other Nidec products, those products feature excellent functionality and cost performance, as well as RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) that has been built up through extensive use at worksites. By providing machinery that is critical for manufacturing, Nidec Group strongly supports customers' business activities in a wide spectrum of fields including semiconductors, home appliances, automobiles & transport machines, and medical services.

Inspection &  measuring systems

Inspection & Measuring Systems

We have developed different types of Inspection & measuring systems to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated inspection and measurement requirements that are the result of the downsizing and functional advancement of electronic equipment.

Automation units

Automation Units

A lineup of automation units that make production lines more efficient in the areas of processing, assembly, and conveyance.

Control equipment

Control Equipment

Different types of "Movement control" equipment are provided that form the core functions of machine tools, robots, semiconductor making equipment, injection molding machines, and various inspection systems.

Laser marker

Marking Devices

We provide marking devices used for lot management and individual recognition such as serial numbers, required for production control, traceability, quality assurance, etc.

Optical devices

Optical Devices

A device involving optics technology, used to perform contactless scanning of three-dimensional data.