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Service Robots

Focusing our Capabilities on the Service Robot Field

The word “robot” has long been associated with industrial robots used in factories to perform tasks such as welding, coating, assembling and transportation. However, in recent years, service robots used for a variety of everyday life applications including cleaning, security or guest reception have started to appear as well.

Service robots that make up for the labor shortage caused by factors such as the declining birthrate and aging population are expected to see a substantial increase in use in the future. The global market is estimated to reach 4.1 trillion JPY by 2020 according to the Japan Patent Office, while the Japanese domestic market alone is slated to grow to 3.6 trillion JPY by 2030 as reported by NEDO.

In stark contrast to conventional robots confined to industrial applications in factories, service robots are at work in a wide range of everyday life settings, making it essential to ensure safe operation and compatibility with diverse situations that can arise from human communication. In this respect, service robots face higher requirements than their industrial counterparts and necessitate more advanced technology.

Figures released by both METI and NEDO suggest that the service robot market will see significant growth in the coming years.

The Nidec group possesses a wide range of technologies for developing and producing the components, modules and units that make up service robots. In addition to our lineup of motors—represented by our brushless DC motors with features optimal for service robots such as low power consumption, compactness, light weight, high controllability, long life and silent operation—we are also capable of providing component-level, module-level or unit-level solutions incorporating gears, sensors, drives or controllers.

Furthermore, in addition to offering products based on required specifications, we can also work closely with our customers to propose solutions as a development partner. The Nidec group is capable of supporting not only established manufactures looking to expand their lineups but also new entries to the service robot market as well.

Some of the Service Robot Related Products that We Provide

Primary Motors and Power Transmission Equipment

Motors and power transmission equipment delivering optimal functionality for service robots.

Environmental Sensing

Sensors that help service robots interpret their environment.

Smooth and Precise Robotic Joints

Mechanisms for realizing smooth and precise robot joint movements.

Other Robot Related Components

We also provide various electronic components, battery chargers and interface related products.

Various Service Robot Applications

At the Nidec group, we propose optimal solutions that fit the needs of each individual customer based on a lineup of products designed for service robots specialized in various fields and applications.