Following the press days that featured the unveiling of numerous innovations, including a firsthand view of Nidec’s recently announced smallest-of-its-kind ADAS sensor fusion unit and integrated Electric Power Steering (EPS) powerpacks, the trade days have begun with an inaugural speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on September 14. This year’s IAA is held under the slogan “Future now” and focuses on themes such as electrification and automationtrends that play a central role in Nidec’s product development efforts as well.

Visitors to Nidec’s booth during the exhibition will find a panoply of technologies that enhance the safety, comfort, control and performance of the cars heralded by IAA’s forward-looking slogan; modern cars are equipped with several hundred electric motors and Nidec stands at the forefront of their development.

In addition to our newly developed integrated Electric Power Steering (EPS) powerpacks we are also showcasing a number of other products that will change the way automobiles and humans interact. For instance, our haptic devices for seat motors, on display in the body section of our booth, alert the driver through vibration when the car is about to depart from its lane, increasing safety in a way that is less intrusive than audio-based warning signals. We are also exhibiting stepping motors and lenses for Head-Up-Display systems that allow important information to be projected on the windshield in front of the driver. Both of these products are representative of the new integrated driving experience that is marked by smooth and seamless human-machine interaction. 

On the automation front, we present a number of radar-and-camera-based advanced sensing systems that scan the surroundings of the car and allow it to react to obstacles on the road, enabling automatic emergency braking and automated valet parking. Sensing technology is at the core of autonomous driving as well as Nidec’s vision for the cars of the future.

To learn more about the role of automotive electric motors, come visit our booth in hall 4.0.