On November 21, 2013, Nidec received a certificate of appreciation from the Kyoto Modelforest Association for its donation to the Association’s forest conservation programs.


[RIGHT] Mr. Hideaki Yamamoto, Manager,
              Modelforest Promotion Section, Kyoto Prefecture
[LEFT] Takeaki Ishii, the Company’s Senior Vice President

Based on the Nidec Group’s 2010 Biodiversity Action Guidelines, we have been promoting forest conservation activities in the countries and regions we operate under the “Nidec Green Campaign.” A fund-raising initiative is part of such an effort driven by Nidec employees at the company headquarters and Central Technical Laboratory in collaboration with Kyoto Modelforest Association.

The donation have been raised from weekly charity lunches in the company cafeteria, collection boxes, and the proceeds from the beverage machines in the staff lounge. The largest source of the donation, among other things, is the weekly charity lunches, in which 20 yen from each fundraising dish sold is donated for the forest conservation campaign. Of the private beverage sale, 10 yen from the profit made on the 10th, 20th, and 30th days of each month has been saved for donation.

Our employee donations generated by these methods have added over the last four years, which will be used to help improve forest management and develop green space in Kyoto under the initiative of the Kyoto Modelforest Association.

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