Commitment To Research And Development

Nidec's approach to research and development

Fundamental Technology for Innovative Motors

Higher torque density, less noise and reduced vibration—laying the foundation for the motors of tomorrow

Intelligent Motors
Equipped with Microcomputers

Overcoming numerous design challenges in motor control, such as realizing high-precision servo capabilities, maximum efficiency operation, ultra-high-speed rotation, soft starting, overload monitoring and vibration suppression.

SR Motor Systems
with Integrated SiC-Based Inverters

Silicon Carbide (SiC) based inverters revolutionize motor systems for Electric Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) with lower power-consumption, lower noise and less vibration—all without compromising on torque.

Rapid Prototyping

Exceeding the Needs of our Customers with Shorter R&D Cycles and Reduced Costs