Development Story

As "the world's No.1 manufacturer of comprehensive drive technology," we introduce a part of technologies we have developed and product development as the development history.

Tactile Devices

The Nidec group develops and manufactures state-of-the-art devices that revolutionize the interface between humans and machines.

Vibration Cancelling Function “TiltAC”

Adjusting ±6º Slopes Using a Double Suspension Mechanism and an Actuator Stabilizing Images in Video Cameras without Deteriorating Image Quality

Pushing the Limits of Miniaturization with our Ultra-Thin & Ultra-Small Fans

Less than 3-mm thick and with 20-mm sides—our ultra-compact cooling fans are a result of cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art analysis and manufacturing technology.

Development of Ceiling Fans
and Outlook for the Future

At Nidec, we are expanding our capabilities to include ODM services focusing on ceiling fan components, units as well as finished and ready-to-use products—poised for global expansion, starting with the Indian market.

Developing the Successors to Premium Efficiency IE3 Motors—IE4 and IE5 Class Motors

Nidec contributes to preventing global warming by pushing the limits of motor efficiency. IE4 and IE5 class motors—the successors to premium efficiency IE3 motors—are under development in our R&D facilities.

Resin-Packed Motors

Nidec became the first company group in the world to successfully implement resin-packed motors that contribute greatly to silent home appliances.

Integrated Electric Power Steering Motors and ECUs

The Smallest and Lightest Class of Power Packs in the World.

Camera & Radar Assisted Driving

Nidec develops cameras and radars—sensors that play a central role in advanced driver assisted systems—that contribute to safer driving.

Electric Oil Pumps

The Nidec group develops electric oil pumps necessary for hybrid-mode driving and idling stop systems—the keys to lower fuel consumption.

Power Steering Motors
(1st – 3rd Generations)

Nidec is developing and producing high-performance EPS motors by utilizing our motor design, control and mass production technologies that we have cultivated over the years. This is our development story of the first to third generations of power steering motors.

Helium-Filled Hard Disk Drives

HDDs filled with helium have improved read/write precision and lower power-consumption due to minimized disk vibration caused by drag.