Nidec Automotive Motor Americas, LLC

Nidec Automotive Motor Americas, LLC, which has development, production, and sales networks in many countries around the world, is the supervising company of the automotive motor business (AMEC) in the Americas markets.

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Nidec Automotive Motor Americas, LLC

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Nidec Automotive Motor Americas, LLC offers a wide selection of motors ranging from brushless motors for electric power steering, dual clutch transmissions, engine oil pumps, and others, to brush motors for engine cooling, ABS, seat adjustment, etc. The company help customers comply with environmental regulations enforced in the North American and other Americas markets by providing a full product lineup of small, high efficiency motors featuring Nidec Group's innovative technologies.

Name Nidec Automotive Motor Americas, LLC
Date of establishment April 5, 2013
Location 1800 Opdyke Court, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 U.S.A.
Business lineup Development, manufacturing, and sales of automotive motors for the Americas market
Representative Takuji Fujii (President and CEO)
Affiliated companies and
major business bases
Nidec Automotive Motor Mexcicana S de RL de C.V.