Nidec's Strengths

The slideshows below show the corporate profile of Nidec, the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer.

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What is Nidec?


Nidec, the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer, was established in 1973. Aiming to become the world's best, Nidec has since developed its business based upon the motto "everything that spins and moves." This slide introduces the Nidec spirit and philosophy that has remained unchanged since our founding, and provides a brief overview of the worldwide Nidec sales network as well as our product lineup. The content herein shows why Nidec strives to be the world's No.1 company, and in turn what Nidec can offer the world.
Nidec Automotive Motor Americas


Nidec Automotive Motor Americas is a sales subsidiary of Nidec Corporation in the Americas handling in-vehicle motors. In recent years, progress has been made in energy-efficient and high added-value automobiles, with a dramatic increase in the numbers of motors utilized in each vehicle.Nidec Automotive Motor Americas provides electric power steering motors, DCT motors, ABS motors, motors for seat adjustment and cooling, and a full lineup of high-efficiency, high-performance brushless motors and brush motors. Nidec Automotive Motor Americas certainly has the motors you are looking for, so please feel free to inquire.
General Application Motor & Solutions (GAMS) Business Unit


This page shows an overview of the product lineup and major applications of the products of General Application & Motor Solutions (GAMS) Business Unit of Nidec, the world’s comprehensive motor manufacturer.
Nidec’s motors are all high-performance and high-efficiency products. We, excelling at satisfying specific needs of customers of all over the world, handle all orders very quickly, however large quantity they may be. Please feel free to contact us.
Automotive Motors


The page shows the global network of in-vehicle motor business, and the prospects for future business at Nidec, the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer. Nidec provides a wide lineup of high-performance, energy-efficient motors, and is quick to respond to recent customer demands in the EV and HEV vehicle markets.


NIDEC KINETEK, which joined the Nidec Group in 2012, offers commercial motors. The company operates 16 business units in North America, Europe, and Asia. This slide shows the product lineup, overview, and other information of each of the company’s business units.
Nidec Motor_Appliance Motors and Controls


Nidec Motor Corporation, a Nidec Group company, offers motors and related products for home appliance, commercial, and industrial applications. The company, formerly the Motors & Controls business of Emerson Electric Co., joined the Nidec Group in October 2010. This slide shows the characteristics and specifications of part of the company’s appliance motors and controls products.