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Released on May 22nd 2018, in Kyoto, Japan

Nidec and Nidec Seimitsu settle IPR lawsuits in China

Nidec Corporation announced today that, it reached a settlement with Chinese vibration motor companies. The lawsuits were filed by Nidec Corporation and Nidec Seimitsu Corporation, one of our subsidiaries, in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

< Breakdown of IPR lawsuit and settlement >
1. Defendant

Shanghai AWA Precision Electric Co., Ltd
Sichuan AWA Precision Electric Co., Ltd
2. Product
cylinder type vibration motor
3. Patent

Chinese Patent (ZL200910003612.5, ZL01103328.2,
ZL02118511.5, ZL200810133636.8)
4. Court
Shanghai Intellectual Property Court
5. Settlement condition 
Both sides agreed that, the condition will not be disclosed.