Electronic & Optical Components

Mechanical System Components

We have a lineup of mechanical system components such as plastic dies, plastic molded components, and ball screws.

Mechanical system components
Plastic molded components

Plastic Molded Components

We offer products to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of external market, including the OA and IT equipment, automotive and medical equipment, and housing equipment.

High-precision gears

High-Precision Gears

Our products contribute to the guarantee of automotive safety and functionality by high precision of gears.

Precision components and dies

Precision Components and Dies

This is the result of elemental technologies such as press working, mold machining, cutting, surface treatment, and heat treatment, and it actively responds to customer needs.

Ball screws

Ball Screws

High-precision ball screws, which realize a long life and accurate positioning with high mechanical efficiency, are developed based on the advanced machining technologies.