Electronic & Optical Components


Encoders that can detect the angle, movement direction, and movement amount of "everything that spins and moves" are essential for motor control. Nidec Group offers products for various applications and responds to the customer needs.


Group Companies

Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation

Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation.

Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial encoders (also known as rotary pulse generators or digital tachometers).
We have been proudly manufacturing rugged designs in the U.S.A. for over 40 years and provide full support and service for all our models, even older units.

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Nidec Sankyo Corporation

Nidec Sankyo Corporation.

We have a lineup of rotary encoders, that can be customized to meet the wide range of technical capabilities and customer requirements for magnetic sensors, and of linear encoders, that realize the high precision by our original scale magnetization technology in the severe environment having a large amount of oil mist and others.

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Nidec Copal Corporation

Nidec Copal Corporation.

Lineup of three types of products: optical, magnetic, and laser system encoders. Our products, from compact and small-torque encoders to ultra-high resolution high-grade encoders, can meet a variety of user needs.

Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation

Nidec Copal  Electronics Corporation.

Rotary encoder that utilizes the unique optical technology and production technology. The encoder for an optical sensor is compact (12 mm dia) and used for terminal equipment of financial institutions. The optical encoder has the 16 mm square size and it is used for medical equipment, telecommunications equipment and others.

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Nidec Servo Corporation

Nidec Servo Corporation.

Lineup of two types of rotary encoders: magnetic incremental type encoder and optical incremental type encoder. The angle is detected with the magnetic system and optical system.

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