Products Lineup

Products Lineup

We provide a variety of products in a wide range of fields such as mechatronics, optics, electronics, etc.

Nidec Group develops and manufactures motors, and has aggressively strived to develop unit modules using the motor as a core. The company also has a history of developing test devices, inspection & measuring systems, and production facilities related to motor development within Nidec Group.

Based on the technologies and experience thus accumulated, Nidec Group develops and manufactures elements, devices, equipment, etc. that can be used in various areas such as mechatronics, optics, and electronics. All products exhibit high-level functionality and excellent cost performance by maximizing Nidec's manufacturing technology, and can be promptly customized to customer specifications.


Inspection 6amp; measuring systemsInspection & Measuring Systems

Automation unitsAutomation Units

Control equipmentControl Equipment

Marking devicesMarking Devices

Optical devicesOptical Devices

Electronic & Optical Components

Mechanical system componentsMechanical System Components

Optical system unitsOptical System Units


Electronic system componentsElectronic System Components

Other Products

Automobile componentsAutomotive Components

HDD componentsHDD Components