Automation Units

A lineup of automation units that make production lines more efficient in the areas of processing, assembly, and conveyance.

Automation units
Industrial robots

Industrial Robots

Our servo motors that provide high control performance and our optimized design that minimizes vibrations are combined together to generate beneficial features such as high-level rigidity, high-level reliability, and energy saving characteristics.

Card readers

Card Readers

We have acquired the world's No. 1 position by virtue of the product development and elemental technologies we have nurtured to establish credibility in the finance market where robustness and security are essential.

High-speed automatic pressing machines

High-Speed Automatic Pressing Machines

Our KYORI brand press machines perfectly meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial fields in the areas of miniaturization and downsizing, and have attracted immeasurable confidence from the market.

Winding machines

Winding Machines

By making full use of the technical know-how we have accumulated as a manufacturer of motor production facilities, we will fully support improving productivity and quality with our original automatic winding machines.

Application Machines and Dispensers

We have automated the operation that applies adhesive or oil, and have created a system that ensures highly precise application of a fixed amount on to a fixed position.

Coating & drying systems

Coating & Drying Systems

We will comply with a wide range of customers' needs including that of electrostatic powder coating on small- and mid-size motors, desiccation after components cleaning, and desiccation after coating.

Compact pressing machines

Compact Pressing Machines

A precision press machine enables you to accurately measure the press-fit force and apply adequate pressure.