Stepping Motors

Stepping motors use intermittent step operations in response to pulsed input power.

Precise angular control of the motor axis is possible using just the pulse power, providing accurate positioning control with a simple circuit configuration. These are used in a wide range of equipment from industrial robots, aircrafts, and automobiles through to office equipment. There are three types of motors depending on the rotor type—VR (Variable Reluctance), PM (Permanent Magnet), and HB (HyBrid), and these are used in Nidec Group products in a wide range of industries.

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Group Companies

Nidec Sankyo Corporation

Nidec Ssankyo Corporation.

Nidec's high-precision machine technologies and high-efficiency design technologies have allowed us to achieve ultra-miniaturized designs. A product lineup of PM types and PM geared types for IT, digital devices, and home appliances.

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Nidec Copal Corporation

Nidec Copal Corporation.

Nidec has achieved ultra-miniaturized designs while retaining high response and accuracy. These are used in optical equipment, information and telecommunications equipment, and audio-visual equipment actuators, and have a long track-record in Blu-ray equipment.

Nidec Tosok Corporation

Nidec Tosok Corporation.

These have strong resistance to contamination, and provide reliable performance in harsh operating environments within transmissions (oil-immersed, high-temperature). These can be adapted for use in various linear actuators.

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Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation

Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation.

A product lineup with a range of additional functionality used in gaming equipment, medical analysis equipment, industrial machinery and more.

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Nidec Motor Corporation

Nidec Motor Corporation.

A lineup that features HB types supporting NEMA standards, and PM types with outstanding cost-performance.

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Nidec Servo Corporation

Nidec Servo Corporation.

Excellent control characteristics provide positioning control. Lineup of HB, PM, and ring rotor types.

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Nidec Seimitsu Corporation


Drive synchronized with pulse power, providing accurate positioning control. Nidec's autofocus and zoom mechanisms for cameras have been received favorably by customers worldwide.