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Coolant Pumps

NIDEC GPM systems guarantee a high degree of reliability, low drive power and cavitation-free operation, while at the same time enjoying the smallest spatial requirement and low costs.Whether it is an attached or inserted pump, a suction or pressure-side arrangement of the primary seal or special drive designs – NIDEC GPM offers you the exact solution for your particular application.
Our range of water pumps covers all combustion engines.Car pumps, pumps for motorbikes and applications for large and diesel engines as conventional and adjustable options form part of our supply program.
Furthermore, NIDEC GPM provides complex pumps systems for more systematic efficiency. (Auxiliary drives, mechatronic and electronic components, brackets, valves, pipes, filters and cooling systems are combined to form a complete module).

Coolant Pumps

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NIDEC GPM provides automotive pump systems as well as mechanical seals and equipment for plant technology.

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