Nidec aims to achieve two trillion yen in sales, 15% or higher in operating profit ratio, and 18% or higher in return on equity (ROE) by FY2020 based on organic growth and M&A as set out in its new mid-term strategic target announced in April 2015.


Management Information

This page contains a message from the CEO of Nidec, a summary of our performance by product and group, business performance highlights, and IR information such as our disclosure policy and business risk information.

To Individual Investors

This page contains information for individual investors, including strengths that have enabled Nidec to produce products that occupy leading shares in the market, and efforts to reach the world's No.1 position in various fields.

IR Library

This page contains the latest information and provides earnings briefings, financial statements, IR presentation materials, and newsletters to stockholders.

Stock And Bond Information

IR Calendar

This page contains IR schedules and information on the general shareholders’ meeting.

Stock Quotes

This page introduces you to sites where you can check our company's detailed stock quotations.