NIDEC was founded by just four people in 1973, when Japan’s ongoing period of high economic growth became unstable as society entered a period of chaos.

With bright spirits and big dreams, we aimed to become the world’s leading company. Passionate about the technology of motors, we overcame numbers of difficulties.
Then young people gradually started joining our company, giving shape to our dreams one by one. These efforts formed the roots and the core of what our group is today.

In 2023, the year of its 50th anniversary, NIDEC has already made a start towards its next milestone, its 100th anniversary.
Our businesses––which began with motors––will develop sales channels around the world, broaden its fields of application, and support all types of technological innovation as the Nidec Group transforms into a comprehensive solution provider.

Now in business in 45 countries around the world, we will eventually operate businesses in more than 100 countries,
with people from across the globe eager to work with us––just like flowers blooming on a thick trunk of a tree.

Aiming to be a truly global company with the dignity to enable all employees to work with pride, we continue to take on challenges.


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