About Nidec Corporation

Business Units

Small Platform Motor & Solutions Business

Nidec's small motors enable energy savings in a variety of different fields.
In addition, they also contribute to the development of 5G infrastructure and the future of digital communication.

Automotive Motor & Electric Control Business

The Nidec Group designs, develops, and produces brushed and brushless DC motors that ensure a safe and comfortable driving, as well as the “E-Axle,” a system that integrates motors, gears, and inverters to drive an electric vehicle (EV).

Appliance & Industrial Motor Business

The Nidec Group boasts a wide variety of lineup of: motors and compressors used in such major appliances as air conditioners, clothes washers, and drying machines; motors for residences and commercial equipment; as well as industrial products such as motors, drive units, and electric generators with several to more than 25,000kw of power.

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