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Appliance, Commercial & Industrial Motor Business

The Nidec Group offers a wide range of appliance and industrial motors, small to super-large in size, all of which have a strong presence in the global market.

The Nidec Group boasts a wide variety of motors and compressors used in major appliances including air conditioners, clothes washers, and drying machines; motors for residences and commercial equipment; as well as industrial products such as motors, drive units, and electric generators ranging from a few kW to more than 25,000 kW of power.

As motor-related regulations become increasingly stricter due to ecological concerns in recent years, we provide the global market with a wide range of products and services offering IEC- and NEMA-compliant high-efficiency motors.

Appliance, Commercial & Industrial Motor (ACIM) Business Unit: Products and Business Domain

Nidec’s Appliance, Commercial & Industrial Motor (ACIM) Business Unit offers our customers in the appliance, commercial, and industrial markets of the world excellent motors and drive technology-related solutions.

The appliance section stands at the forefront of the world when it comes to providing motors and drive solutions for clothes washers, drying machines, dish washers, and other main appliances, as well as compressors for commercial and household refrigerators.

The commercial section, which deals in 1 kW-or-less, and many other types of, motors, boasts a huge presence in the global market as a leader in the fields of fan motors for heaters and air conditioners, elevator components, and drive units.

The industrial section, which handles a great variety of motors and motor-based products of up to approximately 3,750 kW of power, deals in industrial pumps and other products. In addition, with its low- and medium-voltage, 25,000-plus kW motors, drive units, electric generators, and industrial automation products, it continues to expand its presence in the agricultural, oil, gas, mining, water and sewage, iron-manufacturing, marine, and many other markets.

ACIM Business Unit: Its Characteristics and Strengths

The ACIM Business Unit, with a focus on innovation, reliability, and efficiency, has a mission of providing technical support for our customers’ business to lead them to success.

An organization active in appliance, commercial, industrial, and many other areas of business in Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world, the ACIM Business Unit utilizes its high-efficiency and -precision AC & DC motor, variable-speed drive, and controller technologies based on its years-long business with its major customers, to offer products that accommodate any and all kinds of needs, and provide solutions for emerging needs in the global market.

ACIM Business Unit’s Main Product

AC & DC motors for air conditioners (photo: CISA’s HVACR motors)

To the North American and other markets, ACIM Business Unit provides quiet, highly durable and controllable high-quality motors for air conditioners.

Commercial & industrial AC & DC motors (photo: CISA-E’s and CIMD’s products)

These high-efficiency motors offered by the ACIM Business Unit use excellent energy-saving technologies to accommodate the needs of the users.

Drive and motion control motors

The ACIM Business Unit offers servo, geared, SR, and other high-efficiency motors for industrial robots, automated guided vehicles, and other similar machines.

Elevator components and finished product packages

The ACIM Business Unit offers elevator-related components and package products of finished elevators.

Appliance motors

The Business Unit offers motors for household clothes washers, dish washers, and drying machines.

Cooling compressors

In this business section, the ACIM Business Unit offers compressors for commercial and household refrigerators.

Electric generators

ACIM Business Unit's wide product range makes it easy for customers to find electric generators that fit their needs.

Pitch controllers for wind-powered electricity generation

In this business category, the ACIM Business Unit offers pitch control systems for wind-powered electricity generation.

AC & DC variable-speed drive controllers

The ACIM Business Unit offers variable-speed drive units, with applications ranging from household and commercial to industrial, that accommodate its diverse lineup of motors.

Industrial solutions and services

In this business category, the ACIM Business Unit provides industrial system and automation development services for medium- and large-motors and electric generators, low- and medium-voltage drives, encoders, metal & electric generation, and other fields of business.

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