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Automotive Motor & Electric Control Business

Nidec: The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Main Automotive Components that control the key functions of automobiles: “running,” “turning,” and “stopping”

During recent years, there has been a trend of vehicles becoming increasingly fuel-efficient and highly value-added, with more than 100 motors installed in each automobile.

The Nidec Group designs, develops, and produces brushed and brushless DC motors that ensure safe and comfortable driving, as well as the “E-Axle,” a system that integrates motors, gears, and inverters to drive an electric vehicle (EV).

Nidec’s Automotive Motor & Electronic Control (AMEC) Business Unit: Products and Areas of Business

Nidec’s AMEC Business Unit develops its business on a global platform.

The current main products include: electric power steering (EPS) motors, which use Nidec’s core, high-performance brushless DC motor technology; electric brake motors; dual clutch transmission (DCT) motors; electric pump motors; and a wide variety of compact-size brushed motors. All of these Nidec products contribute to improving cars’ three major basic functions: “running,” “turning,” and “stopping.”

Nidec is especially focused on product development based on the eco-friendly “green technology.” We are also developing traction motors for EVs and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

The AMEC Business Unit, which comprises Japan-based Nidec Tosok, Nidec Elesys, and Nidec Mobility; Europe-based Nidec Motors and Actuators and Nidec GPM; and Nidec Automotive Motor Americas, makes concerted efforts to develop and produce its products to meet the needs of our customers all around the world.

Main Products

Traction motors

The motors that power EVs and HEVs and contribute to the spread of next-generation vehicles.

EPS motors

Nidec’s EPS motors boast world class safety and fuel efficiency improvement.

Electric brake motors


DCT motors

Nidec’s DCT motors, like the company’s other products, help improve fuel efficiency.

Electric oil pump motors and electric water pumps


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