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Small Precision Motor & Solutions Business

Nidec's small precision motors enable energy savings in a variety of different fields. In addition, they also contribute to the development of 5G infrastructure and the future of digital communication.

The SPMS Business Unit offers a wide variety of small precision motors including motors for hard disk drives (HDDs), the UFF (a ultra-thin fan motor for notebook PCs), and motors used in such fields as white & compact appliances, IT & communications, industrial, environmental, and office automation & audio visual equipment. With its extensive product lineup, SPMS Business Unit offers excellent, energy-efficient products that comply with severe environmental regulations, including regulations related to 5G communications infrastructure and many more.

Products and business domains:

As the number of smartphones and other electronic devices increases, and as an increasingly large volume of capacity is required for online storage of images and videos, the demand for high-volume HDDs increases. In order to meet those needs the SPMS Business Unit offers compact motors that utilize fluid dynamic bearings, or FDB (our core technology) – a reason why Nidec’s HDD motors account for 85% of the global market.

SPMS Business Unit supplies brushless DC motors, which hold a competitive edge over other companies’ motors, by meeting diverse needs of products in fields like white goods & compact appliances, IT & communication devices, industrial, environmental, and office automation & audio visual equipment. In particular, the Business Unit serves growing markets like server and communication base stations, in which demand for our products is expected to increase with the popularization of the 5G communication technology. Other fields include energy-saving products and transportation devices like power-assisted bicycles.

The dissemination of 5G communications networks is expected to bring about a significant increase in the communication speed and the data volume of all devices, and the demand is growing for thermal solutions for CPUs to process those data at a high speed, and to cool electronic circuits. In this regard, SPMS Business Unit is poised to create new businesses via synergies between Nidec’s existing cooling fans and the vapor chambers, water-cooling modules, and other products of CCI, a Taiwanese company that joined the Nidec Group in November 2018.

Utilizing brushless DC motors’ energy-efficient, durable, low-noise, light/thin/short/compact, and other competitive advantages, the SPMS Business Unit continues to offer optimum solutions to help add value to its customer’s products and meet their needs.

With our FDB technology-based HDD motors, SPMS Business Unit combines the aforementioned competitive advantages with the motors’ wide temperature range, and other characteristics to further apply the technologies to ultra-thin UFF fans and automotive motors.

With a well-developed overseas sales & development system in place, SPMS Business Unit is capable of improving the pace of product development in close communication with its customers in individual countries, while its R&D center in Japan uses consolidated information to develop optimum technologies and products for those customers, and drive further growth.

Major products:

HDD motors

These motors, used in personal computers and gaming machines, are one of Nidec’s core businesses and occupy 85% of the global market.

Ultra Flow FDB (UFF)

The UFF is an ultra-thin fan motor that utilizes Nidec’s HDD-based fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) technology, and generates less noise and vibration than its ball-bearing counterpart.

Vibration motors

These motors provide smartphone and other electronic device users with tactile feedback through vibration.

Brushless DC motors

Nidec’s brushless DC motors, available in diverse specifications and for a wide range of applications, help optimize product customization.

Thermal solutions

SPMS Business Unit offers modularized products that solve all heating issues with electronic circuit-equipped products.

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