3 Billion Units - Annual Production

Nidec produces over 3 billion motors per year
This wouldn’t be possible without our manufacturing secrets

To continue providing over 3 billion motors per year
Being needed by the market, and having the strength to keep supporting the demand.

Nidec boasts the top share for motors

Nidec’s motors are used in various situations that are essential for living and the economy.
Among these motors, the highly efficient and compact brushless DC motor has the top share in the world.

Why have Nidec’s motors been able to gain such a high market share?

Only Nidec’s technology can meet market demand this quickly

To gain a high share in a market we want to enter, we need to develop the products it requires faster than anyone else, then never allow the competition to catch up.
This is why Nidec has focused on technological developments, M&As, and entering new growth markets.
Gaining high market shares established a virtuous cycles, bringing about cost cuts through mass production and larger orders.

What is the secret for gaining and maintaining a top share?

Cost competitiveness is the key to higher market shares
Cutting down costs with Nidec’s technology

Reducing production costs while improving the quality of motors requires flexible ideas, channeling the potential of materials through development, and innovative product design.
To this end, Nidec strengthened its foundations for manufacturing.

The Nidec Center for Industrial Science opened in February 2018 and is engaged in a broad range of production technology R&D activities, including new materials, new energy, new processes, and robots.
These technologies then enable us to achieve unrivaled high quality and low costs.

In addition, Nidec leverages the Group’s large scale to enhance its cost advantages in terms of procurement and production.

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