Small-size and precision motors

Polygon Mirrors and Scanner Motors

Our unique technology also proves suitability for LiDAR

A polygon laser scanner is a unit that combines a polygon mirror and a DC brushless motor for the purpose of reflecting and horizontally scanning a laser beam.Nidec Components provides both high-precision type with low-speed rotation and ultra-high-speed rotation type. The latter type achieves ultra-high-speed rotation while minimizing wear, noise, vibration, and heat generation thanks to an epoch-making scanner motor with our proprietary Aero dynamic bearing technology.
Our polygon laser scanners are used as key components in laser printers and multi function printers, medical equipment such as diagnostic imaging equipment, and scratch inspection equipment.We boast the world's top sales share and mass production capacity for polygon mirrors which require extremely advanced processing technology, and have also the ability to customize to accommodate various sizes, number of faces, and shapes.
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