Major Bases

Head Office and Administrative Bases


Major Bases Area Function
Nidec Copal Corporation (Shiojiri Factory) Manufacture of electronic component equipment / Inserting machine, Factory automation equipment and precision parts
Nidec Copal Corporation (Niigata Factory) Surface and thermal treatment processing parts, optical equipment
Nidec Copal Corporation (Koriyama Factory) Production of optical equipment and system products Parts processing (press, mold) surface treatment, Manufacture of heat treated parts
Copal Yamada Corporation R&D and Manufacturing of Dies for Semiconductor Lead Frames, Dies for Semiconductor Lead Processors, Precision Press Stamping Dies, Precision Plastic Injection Molding Dies, Die Parts, Precision Processing Parts, and Mass Press Stamping Products
Nidec Copal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of Shutters and Lens Units for Cameras and Mobile Equipment, Precision Minimotors
Nidec Copal (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of Camera Shutters, Camera Lens Cones, Press Stamping Parts, Molding Parts, Machining Parts, Surface Treatment Parts
Nidec Copal Precision Vietnam Corporation- Tan Thuan Branch Manufacturing of Precision Minimotors
Nidec Copal Precision (Vietnam) Corporation Manufacturing of Precision Minimotors, Mold tool, Press Stamping Parts, Molding Parts, Surface Treatments Parts
Nidec Seimitsu Vietnam Corporation

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