Plastic Molded parts

With integrated broad technologies from mold design, injection moldeng, to unit products/optical lenses, NIDEC SANKYO actively supports the customer's successful new product releases. 『Plastic Molded Parts』

NIDEC SANKYO's plastic parts has the competitive power supporting by the high die manufacturing technology expands in the variety markets such as, OA・IT, Automobile,
Medical and Home equipments Die design, die production and decorating of plastic parts and so forth all are in house.Sankyo proposes high precision and quality plastic parts.


Super Wide-Angle Lens,Two-clor Molding Products
High precision and multi purpose mold manufacturing technology
Integrated and comprehensive technologies from optical design to lens assembly. From molded parts somposite precision parts, Sankyo meets latest needs.

Super Wide-Angle Lens
Two-clor Molding Products

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