Motor・Motor Drive Units

Core products forming the heart of ''things that spin and move'' 『Motor』

Provinding market-leading products through pioneering development 『Motor Drive Units』

Motror Motor are NIDEC group Core products forming the heat of ''things that spin and move.''
Variety motors from Compact Small-Bore Motors to Servo Motors that power supply industrial Robots, NIDEC SANKYO responds customer needs.
Motor drive Units It all began with motor and musical movements. They gave rise to a fusion of mechanical and windup(''Karakuri'') technologies.
NIDEC SANKYO product family exploiting this ''Karakuri-tronics'' technology is used in home equipment and appliances all over the world, helping with ''convenient and comfortable'' daily living


Stepping Motor/Compact Small-Bore

Our full lineup of high cost performance compact
small-bore motors are achieved through precision
steppong technology, low cost automation of the
production and enhanced local development.

Stepping Motor/Compact Small-Bore

Middle Size Motors / Module products

Lineup Φ20mm lager grared motors.Module products
correspond to variety kind of needs.

Middle Size Motors & Module products

Servo Motor

Mounting of a uniquely developed magnetic encorder
that is excellent in environment resistance.
Launch of new lineup of industrial equipment not
larger than mmiddle-range,taking advantage of
satisfactory results in the robot business.

Servo Motor(S-FLAG)

NIDEC SANKYO proposes products to meet the
customer's broad needs in the field of electrical
appliances and home equipment.

Ice Maker

Proposal of items with features to add value and
for high value adds products

Water Supply

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