What kind of company do you know about Nidec Sankyo?
Perhaps some people understand that it is a company that makes music boxes. We entered the production of music boxes in 1948, and in 1985 we succeeded in automating the production of music boxes for the first time in the world. In some cases, the world share exceeded 90%. Automatic music box production has been realized by the power of Sankyo's original automation technology that makes other companies startle.
 Meanwhile, in 1959, we entered the production of small motors. Even for small motors, we have fully utilized the automated production technology cultivated in music box production. As a result, we have the largest share of the world market for small stepping motors. This motor is used in personal computers, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., and home appliances manufacturers around the world have adopted Sankyo's small motors. However, it's a pity that you can't see the motors we are developing because they are deep inside the home appliances.
 By the way, you watch TV every day, use your smartphone, and work on your computer. Actually, Nidec Sankyo is playing an active role here. The screens of TVs, smartphones, and PCs are made using large glass plates that are 2-3 meters square. The huge glass is divided during the production process, and one of them is the display screen of your smartphone. We are making hundreds of smartphone screens at once from the single large glass.
 The largest of the giant glass plates is 3m square, but the thickness is only 0.5mm. When producing the glass plate, it is necessary to lift it so that it does not break and to convey it with extremely high positioning accuracy. Of course, it is impossible for humans to do such work, so we use a robot dedicated to glass transportation.
 In fact, Nidec Sankyo has gained over 80% of the world market share of this glass-conveying robot and has maintained it for many years. This robot technology is supported by Sankyo's automation technology, which once attracted worldwide attention. You can understand how amazing Sankyo's automation technology is because it maintains a high market share in glass transport robots that require high technological capabilities.
 Today, 80% of people around the world watch TV, smartphones, and PCs made of glass carried by Nidec Sankyo every day. The Nidec Sankyo technology we have developed will continue to support the lives of everyone around the world.