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MX102B2□□**(With brake)

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Our flagship servo system ''S-Flag'' servomotors are manufactured for sonsumer use that support ahigh level of reliability for industrial robots, our core products.We offer a wide lineup to meet the driverfied needs of customers.

Suitable for applications with high speed rotations . Can be used for most applications.
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Basic information

Rotor inertia Low
Fitting flange size(㎜) 100 sq.
Approximate mass(kg) 5.2
Compatible ampolifier model DB64A□1
Voltage(V) AC200 to 240
Rate output(W) 1000
Rate torque(N・m) 3.18
Instantaneous maximum torque(N・m) 9.55
Rated current(stall current)(A) 6.6
Instantaneous maximum curret(A) 19.9
Rated revolving speed(r/min) 3000
Maximum revolving speed(r/min) 5000
Torque constant(N・m/A) 0.52
Induced voltage constant per phase(mV/(r/min)) 18.2
Rated power rate(kW/s) 43.2
Mechanical time constant(ms) 0.72
Electrical time constant(ms) 5.19
Rotor moment of inertia(×10-4kg・㎡) 2.35
Handling Company NIDEC SANKYO

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