Environmental Management

Environmental management promotion system

Considering environmental international standard ISO14001 as its environmental management system framework, the Nidec Group promotes the acquisition, maintenance, and management of ISO14001 by its R&D, production, and other sites.

Environmental Management (EM) Committee decides the overall direction of our environmental conservation activities and implements further improvements. EM Committee consists of the Officer responsible for CSR (Committee chairman) and the persons responsible for environmental management at each site (EM Committee members); its task is to relay to and implement in all business sites environment-related information, such as substances that are under environmental restrictions, trends and developments of laws and regulations, etc., shared by EM Committee members.

In the Sixth Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan (FY2019-FY2021), which we started working on in FY2019, we set a goal of operating an environmental management system based on ISO14001 at 80% of our consolidated sales base. We have expanded the scope of environmental management.

*For the Nidec Group’s current status of ISO14001 qualification, please click here.

Under the Seventh Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan (FY2022-FY2024), which started in FY2022, we will focus on training each and every employee who will be responsible for our business. Our goal is to operate the management system at 80% or more based on the number of employees.

Environmental load: Overview

To manage the environment more appropriately, Nidec constantly monitors the overall environmental load generated through its business activities. With a majority of the greenhouse gases discharged as a result of our business activities attributable to electricity and fuel consumption, our production sites’ better use of energy is the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Overview of Nidec’s environmental burden*
Material Balance

*Covers 86 sites, which account for 53.5% (sales basis) of the Group