Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Nidec realizes that the perpetual protection of the global environment is an important issue common to all mankind, and aim to minimize environmental load through environmentally friendly business activities to carry out our social responsibilities.

Environmental Policy

Nidec conducts our business activities in accordance with "Nidec's Environmental Philosophy" to minimize our effects on the environment. Under the slogan "Take the first step in passing on the beauty of the Earth to future generations," we have set the following guidelines to achieve the goals of our environmental philosophy.

  1. 1) In order to reduce environmental load and prevent global warming, place a strong focus on "environmental friendliness," "energy efficiency improvement," and "waste reduction/recycling" in Nidec's business activities, that is, design development and production of motors and related components.
  2. 2) To achieve the objectives set force in the environmental policy, recognize the environmental aspects of our products and operations and implement appropriate pollution-prevention practices for the maintenance and sustainable improvement of our environmental performance.
  3. 3) Ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations and other agreed-upon requirements.
  4. 4) Set specific environmental objects and periodically review the effectiveness and adequacy of the environmental management system.
  5. 5) Identify all the tasks required to meet the objectives of the environmental management system and provide each task in the form of documented manuals, rules, and procedures. In addition, the Environmental Policy is communicated to all company personnel and accompanied with appropriate training programs for implementation team members.
  6. 6) This Environmental Policy must be disclosed to third parties upon request.

* The above Environmental Policy forms the basis of Nidec's subsidiary-specific (or business site-specific) environmental policy making.

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