Product-based Environmental Contribution

Awards for Nidec’s Eco-friendly Design Products

The “Environmental Value Creation Pearl Grand Prize” of the Japan Environmental Management Grand Prize

In March 2011, Nidec Corporation’s Shiga Technical Center was awarded the “Environmental Value Creation Pearl Grand Prize,” the highest award given in the Environmental Value Creation Section of the event, the “Ninth Japan Environmental Management Grand Prize.”

The Japan Environmental Management Grand Prize is an award commending the outstanding environmental management of companies, organizations, and other entities across Japan, as well as their achievements for the purposes of “developing environmental management” and “creating an eco-friendly culture” to create a sustainable society.

The award was given to Shiga Technical Center for its efforts to develop compact and high-efficiency brushless DC motors. Particularly important in the award winner selection process was that the center utilizes its “magnetic field analysis” technology and optimizes individual motors’ designs based on their usages to use fewer materials from the motors’ development phase onwards, and creating energy-efficient motors.

We will stay committed to our environmental philosophy of “committing ourselves to reducing our environmental burden through environmentally conscious business activities,” and engage in developing highly environmentally friendly brushless DC motors, delivering them throughout the world to contribute to the conservation of the global environment.


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